Internal Projects

Since 2014, we turned from being purely a Design agency to a Design and Developing agency.


In July 2016, we started to work on an internal video game project that goes by the code name Fridge Project. Later, its official name was set to  Brave & Cherry.

In October 2016, the project development was put on Hiatus due to a lightmap limitation within the game engine we were using. The project is now back on the drawing board so that we can overcome the limitation found and use it to our own advantage.

Click here to access the temporary website of the project.

In October 2016, we have worked with Mirum Studio to produce artworks for their upcoming project (yet to be titled).

In November 2016, we have officially announced we started to work again on our project video game called Brawl Legacy. A fighting + platformer (also known as a Brawler) fantasy game on PC, Mac and Linux.

Click here to access the webpage of the Brawl Legacy.