Services & Pricing


Naming all the kinds of services or products we offers would requires us to write and publish a 300 pages’ book about Graphic Design.

Instead, we’re usually explain our services this way:

  1. Does it requires any kind of visual attraction?
  2. Does it requires to be read, watched and/or checked by a selected group?
  3. Does it appears on digital screen(s), Metal, plastic or paper(s)?
  4. Do you wonder if this is something a design agency can do/produce?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those 4 points, then the chance that we can assist you in your project are high. The reason why it’s so complicated to determine a precise kind of product or service for us is because we can design or upgrade (visually) many things from signs, signboards, identification, containers, pieces of furniture,  business visual assets (cards, booklet, posters, etc.) logos, signatures, brands, websites, interior concept, etc.

From the business card to the assets of an huge exposition, we can design it all. Creations Maxo has assisted many production companies over the last 8 years and, from its experience, it is now able to do much more than any other design agencies.

We’re the embodiment of the concept:
If both you and us can think about it, it can be done.


At Creations Maxo, we’re charging at a adjustable rate based on the work required. If you haven’t read it yet, we invite you to read about us so that you can more easily understand how this can be achieved.

When completing a project on our own, we’re charging a base fee of 40$ per hour with a minimal charge of 120$ (+ taxes if applicable) per project.

Our hourly fee is negotiable. Usually, for projects that requires us more than 50 hours within a month or projects that are renewed at a fixed amount of days, months or each year, we’re open at negotiating our hourly fee.

We can also accept fixed priced contract for project with limited budgets.

With that said, we don’t charge for:

  • Estimates of any kinds.
    You want an idea of the cost for your project? We ask the right questions, call the right services and calculate the estimated cost of your project for free.
  • First meeting for each project.
    You might not know it yet, but usually you pay for that kind of time. The first meeting is always free except if we got traveling expenses to cover. We’re also open to digital meeting.  For us, the first meeting is the most important part of each project as it’s the starting line of a new race. We take as much information as possible so that we can work our magic on the numbers and results. This take time and we’re giving it to you for free.
  • Short calls & Emails.
    Emails is a real time consuming part of our job. Writing a well detailed email takes time and we’re doing it for free. Short calls are the kind of calls we get when our customers ask for information regarding a current or past project. We don’t start any timer for such thing nor hide it within the next project like many agencies do. For us, those calls are important parts of our customers’ services and part of our “guaranties”. For long calls (usually above 10 minutes), we might charge as those kind of calls usually meant to replace development and/or research meetings.

Production Time and Speed

As a small companies, we’re working with precision yet limited manpower and we’re fully aware that this impact our production capacity. To cover such limitation, we’re not limiting our work hours within a specific time frame and don’t overcharge* for work produced during night for instance even if we’re usually doing business during the day.

* Overcharge can be applied for any work done outside the planned scope of a determined project. By that, we mean if we put specific time restriction when accepting your project and you still wish us to overpass such restriction during the middle of the project. Such event requires us to redo our time schedules and we might have to cancel others appointment. For such situations (which you will be noticed as early as possible), we’re charging a surplus.