Update on the new UI + New Shader!

We’re advancing slowly but surely.
Some major (in the long run) changes were applied to the equipment system with more options.
We also got a new Shader for the game. Originally, we couldn’t use it because an update the 5.5 update of the engine (Unity) changed some core features of the lighting system which make the old version of the Shader not working anymore with PBR materials.
Now that it’s fixed, we’re back with a kind of serious comic-like result!

The UI is also advancing also quite a lot since the last update.

Main menu with the new:

Options Menu:

Editor Menu (allow access to both the Heroes and Loadout customization menus):

Preview (still work-in-progress) of the Loadout Menu:

Preview (work-in-progress) of the Human’s male menu:

Though it’s hard to see here, each menu is part of the same area (the Inn interior) and the camera is moving and turning around when you move from one to another. We plan to make a video including some display of this soon!

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