1 Year Anniversary and update since our change in our commercial activities

Last year, in January 2017, Créations Maxo officially changed its registered commercial activities from a Publishing and Graphic Design company to a Video Game Producing and Publishing company.

Since then, even though we’re still offering Graphic Design services toward those who really need it, we decided back then that it’s shouldn’t now be even part of our secondary concern.

In other words, as long as we can prioritize our game projects’ development, we can do a bit of graphic design on the side-line. Especially since some of our customers were loyal to us for as long a 7 to 8 years. It’s part of our blood after all.

Still, the change is on quite drastic in terms of how we “work”. In graphic design, we’re usually on a constant roll of exchange and communication with our customers while we work on projects that barely fit within a month of production. It’s a constant rinse and repeat that last days, weeks or a month or two at most.

In video games projects, the development is nowhere near as fast, even though we’re working as much. Before, we could take maybe 2 days at most for add something really complex to a print, now we take about 1 month to develop a simple yet required and highly optimized feature in a game.

It’s one hell of a new experience.

We like it, a lot!