About us

What is Creations Maxo?

Creations Maxo is a personal business that was launched in December 2008 by owner & representative Maxime Bolduc in the city of Sherbrooke (Québec, CANADA). In 2016, it was relocated in the Capital of Québec.

Since then, the company has been working mostly as a sub-contractor for other companies such as :

…and others over time.

What’s unique about us?

The first thing which is unique about us is what’s defining us.

Creations Maxo is one individual as well as many. Officially, Creations Maxo is a Freelancer’s company, which means there’s only 1 employee. Yet it’s also part of a large unnamed group formed with  Freelancers’ and small companies. We’re like a living organism where each cells is authonomous within its own set of specialties.

Why should this be of any interest to you?

Whenever you’re doing business with standard design agencies, you’re paying mostly for a whole crew which includes up to a dozen employee’s salaries. That’s normal and it’s alright. After all, they require to rent a big area, hire many people to fill many roles and, when all is considered, the cost of their service easily raise at 100$/h or even more per designer or/and programmer on each project.

This is where we do it differently, for your own advantage!

Instead of a big local company, Creations Maxo and many other small companies and freelancers around the globe joined forces by what we call “our individual skill sets exposure”. Each is an autonomous productive cell capable of working alone, yet when one meets a challenge that requires more skills than it has or a second pair of hands, another cell come in and assist for an unbelievably low price.

Don’t believe us?
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There’s the biography of the owner:

Maxime Bolduc

Maxime Bolduc,
Own a degree in :
• DEP – Infographic process,
(2008) Centre Professionel 24-Juin, Sherbrooke
• ASP – Business Launching
(2010) Centre Professionel 24-Juin, Sherbrooke
• PD – 3D animation and modeling for movies and video games
(2014) Desgraff institute, Sherbrooke

His LinkedIn

Through the work done for other business as a sub-contractor and as a freelance graphic design, he has worked on over a 1000 projects.  Most of which he can’t display on this site because of a confidential contract between him and the other parties who “own” all production rights over the projects. (Still, we got the physical copies of some of those products and documents in our studio. We just can’t show them here under our name.)

From a small ads in a regional phone registry to a road  14 feet billboards that. From a poster to 10 feet electric sign on the side of road, he has worked on project of all sizes, types, materials, prices and formats.

If you can think about it, he can produce it with the best kind of results!